Road Closures

Click the links below to access maps related Four Seasons Festival events and activities.

Square Street & Parking Closures

Closed Friday-Sunday
Closed Saturday Only
Parking Restricted Saturday 10:00AM-12:00PM

Suggested Detour Map

Large vehicles and thru traffic should avoid the use of 3rd Street when traveling north/south and Broadway Street when traveling east/west. Signage will be placed at critical intersections to divert traffic toward the suggested detour.

The parking and driving lanes bordering the Square will close at 12:00 PM to begin set up. This includes Van Dorn and Broadway between 3rd and 1st Streets AND 2nd Street between Broadway and Wood Streets. These street sections will fully close at 3:30 PM and remain closed for the duration of the Festival.

See maps above for the times and locations of numerous street closures related to the Fun Run and Parade.
3rd Street between Van Dorn and Broadway will close at 7:00 AM and reopen at approximately 8:30 PM.

All streets surrounding the Square are scheduled to reopen as soon as all temporary structures and fixtures are removed from the area.

Fun Run Map 

8k Route5k Route2.5k Route
7:20AM - course opens and streets close
9:30AM - course closes and streets open

Important Note: Streets included on the 5k route will NOT be closed to vehicles including: Parker Blvd., Wahkonsa Ave., Apache St., Cheyenne Ct., Jester Park Dr., and Broadway St. (before Tyler St.). Streets included on the 2.5k youth route WILL be closed to thru traffic.

Parade Map

8:00AM  - all streets with color close to parking
Staging Area
8:30AM - streets close to traffic and open for parade entries
10:30AM - parade departs and streets fully reopen
Parade Route
9:30AM - streets close to traffic and open for parade
11:30AM - anticipated parade completion and streets fully reopen
Unloading Area
10:00AM - streets close to traffic and open for parade completion
12:00PM - streets reopen to traffic and parking

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